Apple Gourd Birdhouse

Sometimes Dennis & I are asked if we ever get tired of creating our chainsaw-carved dogs.  And our answer is always ” no, we enjoy making them.”  That doesn’t mean carving is our only artistic activity.

Among other things, we enjoy photography, writing, designing & building outlandish (at least in some people’s views, not ours though!) outdoor sculptures, some of which have been showcased in previous blog posts.

Here’s Apple Gourd Bird House we made a few weeks ago.

Gourd Bird House

Until two summers ago we didn’t know there was a gourd variety called Apple Gourd.  We purchased one of these striking deep green apple-shaped gourds at a local farmer’s market.  After letting the gourd dry and sit neglected for more than a year we cleaned it up, drilled a hole to empty the innards, and painted it apple red.  Voila, a pretty decorative birdhouse, complete with green stem and bird on the perch! 

We’ve found a seed source for the gourds and plan to grow our own apple gourds this summer.  Hopefully we’ll have a successful crop for more creative exploration using the dried results.  Stay tuned….

Meanwhile, this one gourd birdhouse is available for purchase.  $38, includes shipping in continental US.  The gourd is about 7 inches in diameter and apx 8 inches high.  We will sign it and send with it a few apple gourd seeds for planting.