10 Foods Poisonous to Dogs

Many of us like to share  human foods with our canine family members and the debate circulates about the pitfalls and pleasure of doing so.  Certain foods are toxic to dogs and should not be feed to them at all.  Here’s a list of the Top 10 offenders.


Grapes & Raisins can be toxic to dogs






Macadamia nuts

macadamia Nuts

Xylitol (artificial sweetener found in sugarless gum & candies)

Potato skins or any green part


Green tomatoes, or green tomato stems

We had heard for years about not feeding chocolate & onions to dogs.  And a few years ago learned about grapes when over the course of a winter they made our ambassador dog, a Golden Retriever quite ill.  Once we stopped giving them as treats our dog got better but we never knew if permanent damage was done to his kidneys or liver.  He died younger than expected, making us wonder if the grapes had been a contributing factor.